Employee Wellness Programs

Healthy employees can be happier, more productive, have fewer absences, and help you build a more successful team. When you help your employees focus on greater wellness, everyone can win.  If your company wellness program could use an injection of fun and enthusiasm, you've come to the right place.

Make Wellness Fun!

Great rewards to help overcome stubborn habits

Most people want to be healthier, eat better, and overcome bad health habits, but it can be hard for many to make the changes that they already want. Our programs are designed to make it easier, and give them short-term rewards that help them make the healthy changes.

Employee wellness programs: learning to make healthier choices

Make wellness a fun adventure. 

  • Make it easy to participate. Many people struggle with changing habits. Our RewardWellā„  programs are designed to make it easy for people to begin, and help people succeed at making the changes stick. As people start to feel good about the progress they've made, then we invite and encourage them to take it to the next level. Success leads to more success.

  • Make it fun!  Our wellness programs are designed to focus on positive goals, and to drive healthy choices by offering great rewards that make working toward healthier living a fun adventure.

  • Easy to administer.

  • Fits your budget. You pick the options you like, and select your own price level for each level of service.

  • Select only the options you need.

  • Outstanding Customer Service.  We're here to help you make your program successful!

  • We'll work with you to match your style and your needs.

Employee Wellness activities

Add Wellness to your recognition program

We'll show you how easily you can add wellness to your recognition program. With a wellness program, you help your employees and help your team.

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