Give the perfect holiday gift to
every employee or customer

The best business gift is one that your employees or customers will love. Our gift program provides a choice of gifts to every recipient on your business gift list, so you know that every recipient will receive a gift that will be loved and appreciated!

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There is a way to give every employee the Perfect Gift!  Our quick-read guide shows you how easy it is to give every employee the perfect gift, by offering them a choice of gifts.

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Business gift giving made easy.  

We do the hard part for you, so you get all the fun!  Just order the number of gifts you need, and the rest is easy!

Great Gifts in 25 Price Levels

Great Gifts in 25 Price Levels

How it works. 

You're just a few easy steps away from setting up your holiday business gifting!

1  Call or email us to set up your Gift Program.

In just a few minutes we can get your program set up. We'll then create a custom web page with your logo (at no charge) within a few days where your recipients each select their gift.

2  Order Gift Codes in any combination

We offer gifts in these popular levels:  $25, $50, $75, $100, $150, $200, $250, $300, $500, $750, $1000. (Additional levels also available.) You can mix and match prices and quantities. We provide Gift Codes in the format that works best for you: on Gift Certificates or on a spreadsheet.

3  Give your gifts to your employees or customers!

Your gift recipients then go the special customized web page we created for you to select their gifts.  We send each gift to your recipient, and invoice you for the gift.  Your recipient never sees any prices!

Why you will love our Business Gifts program

  • The perfect gift for every recipient!  Because your recipients each select a gift from a great selection of brand-name gifts, you know the recipient will get a gift that they will love and appreciate.

  • No minimums, no set-up charges.  We make it easy for you. Just order the gifts you need, when you need them.  At no charge, we even create a customized web page for your employees (branded with your logo) 

  • Pick your budget.  With 25 different price levels, from $25 to $5000, you select the gift level(s) that match your budget.

  • Mix an Match price levels.  Just decide how many of each price level you need. If you run out, you can order more.

  • Only pay for what you use.  You are not charged for gifts until they ship, so you are not charged for unused gifts.

  • Every gift in each level is the same price to you.  You can easily match your budget because although your recipients select a gift, every gift in each selection is the same price to you.

  • Your recipient doesn't see any prices.  For a more personal touch, your gift recipients don't see any prices.   

  • Delivery is included.  The price of the gift includes individual shipping to each recipient (within 48 states). 

  • Great brand-name gifts.  Each price level offers a great selection of wonderful gifts in a variety of categories, so each recipient selects from a selection of great gifts that they will love.

  • It's easy to set-up It just takes a few minutes.

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