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We can help you build a more positive workplace culture. Why wait another day?

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Our Superachievers® enhanced recognition program is designed to help you build a culture of employee happiness, engagement, and performance.


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Happy work culture: employees love their jobs.

Create a culture of appreciation,  positivity, and success  

When you're ready to take employee recognition and rewards to a whole new level, our Superachievers® Program is here for you.

A fantastic recognition program recognizes, engages, communicates, and motivates.

We'll help you create a fantastic recognition program.

Superachievers® is an enhanced recognition program, loaded with a full suite of tools to help you recognize, engage, communicate and motivate like never before.

It's designed to help you build and maintain a happy, positive, dynamic culture, where employees love their work, care about each other, and where excellent performance is encouraged, celebrated, and rewarded.

Run as many types of recognition and incentives as you like.  You may want to have different incentives for different departments or locations. We'll help you create your program to match your needs.  You may want to start with one or more of these types of recognition:

  • Employee Performance Incentives
  • Sales Incentives
  • Employee Service Awards
  • Wellness Programs
  • On-the-spot recognition
  • Safety Incentives
  • Customer Service Incentives
  • Peer-to-Peer Recognition
  • Above-and-Beyond Recognition
  • Innovation/Suggestion Rewards

Superachievers® can help you target your biggest goals

  • Employee Engagement.  Our programs are loaded with tools for engaging your employees and keeping them engaged.

  • Employee Retention.  Why would any employee want to leave a happy, wonderful workplace where they are growing and advancing in their career?  We want to help you create such an environment.

  • Positive Culture.  Let's work together to create a culture that supports employee happiness and success, and rewards and recognizes outstanding performance.

  • Employee Performance & Productivity.  Our programs make it easy for you to communicate goals, and reward employees for attainment of those goals. And, we help make it fun.

  • Employee Morale.  Morale soars when employees feel appreciated, find meaning in their work, and co-workers and leaders are friendly and supportive.

  • Employee Success.  Superachievers® helps you help your employees to keep improving and growing. Our programs are built around goals, incentives, recognition, rewards, feedback and positive communications to help each employee succeed.

  • Training Everyone should know and understand how to use the program for maximum benefit to themselves and the team. We'll work with you to help make sure that everyone understands the program and their role in it.

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We'll guide you in launching your program successfully.

  • The Program should launch with excitement!  We'll guide you in presenting it to everyone in your organization.

  • Management TrainingFor maximum effectiveness, your management needs to understand how the program works, and how to make it work for you.  We'll provide ongoing guidance for keeping the program exciting, and for keeping your employees inspired, encouraged, and motivated to be their best.

  • Everyone should know how to use the program to earn rewards and to give and get recognition. How to read and post messages on the social wall, and how to see messages from management.

What does a Culture of Appreciation, Positivity, and Success look like?


Happy work culture: employees enjoy being together

Let's start with fun.

We know we're here to work, but we need to remember that fun is like the oil that is essential for an engine to run smoothly. When co-workers become friends and enjoy being together, your workplace is much more likely to run smoothly.




Happy work culture: employees care about each other

Your team members care about each other.

A culture of caring brings people together and keeps people together.



Positive work culture: Employees support each other.

And cheer each other on.

A supportive environment does wonders for morale and productivity.




Work culture: employees appreciate customers, clients, patients

And love those you serve.

Whatever the job, the culture needs to be one of caring. Caring about fellow employees, about leaders, and about those whom we service, whether we call them customers, clients, patients, guests, or students. A culture that truly cares, cares about the whole picture.



Work culture: employees appreciate each other

There's a lot of appreciation going on.

Appreciation is an expression of caring. If we care about those who work with us, we appreciate the little things and the big things they do.




Work culture: employees celebrate each other's successes

Co-workers celebrate each other's accomplishments, big and small.

When workers care about each other, it becomes like family. Even something as simple as a good idea or an accomplishment of any size deserves a moment of celebration.



Culture of caring: Employees help each other

Employees want to help each other.

In a great workplace culture, team members love to help each other, and workers can depend on help when they need it, because the environment embodies the spirit of "we're all in this together."

In an attractive culture, people seek employment at your company

People want to join your company.

When the company culture is supportive and people love working there, word gets around.  Building a winning culture makes your organization a magnet for top talent.



Online Recognition works on all types of devices

All the options you want.

Loaded with all kinds of easy tools for managers and leaders to communicate employee goals and give recognition for excellent performance, and ways for employees to congratulate and recognize each other, Superachievers® is just the ticket to helping guide your culture to be the best it can be.

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What can you do with the Superachievers® Program?

There is so much you can do!  Superachievers® is designed to enhance all of your recognition and engagement efforts with extra tools to help them be more effective. You can do everything you could do with a traditional recognition, incentive, reward program, but our platform allows you to do more recognizing, engaging, motivating, inspiring, encouraging, and communicating!   For example, you can target:

  • making the workplace more positive

  • employee retention

  • employee engagement

  • employee performance

  • employee innovation

  • building a company culture of positivity, achievement, and excellence

  • building a positive, dynamic culture by setting clear goals, motivating, encouraging, recognizing, and rewarding excellence

  • help employees with personal and professional growth, so they'll want to stay

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