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Since 1980, we've been helping organizations of all sizes improve their team member performance.  We offer incentive and recognition programs that are designed to help you motivate and reward outstanding employee performance and loyalty.

While the technical aspects of incentive, motivation, recognition and reward programs are constantly changing, one aspect of the process remains the same:  every person has enormous innate potential.  We're here to help you tap into the abundant natural resource of human potential, and to help your organization soar to new levels.

Here are some ways we can help you:


  • Employee Recognition & Incentive Programs - Our Superachievers® employee recognition and incentive programs are designed to help you motivate and reward outstanding employee performance, and can put focus on different goals for each department or segment of your organization.

  • Sales Incentive Programs - Our Superachievers® high performance sales incentive programs are designed for sales organizations that wish to go beyond just a sales boost or short-term goals, to building real, long-term sales growth. When outstanding sales performance and growth are the goals, it's time to implement our Superachievers® program — the high performance sales incentive program.

  • Employee Service Award Programs - Our Celebrationâ„  employee service award programs are designed to recognize those employees who have maintained a longstanding loyalty to your organization, as expressed in many years of service. Our Celebration Program provides attractive and appreciated awards and recognition.

  • Employee Success Programs - Our Superachievers®  programs can include powerful employee training for personal success and achievement through Have a Great Dayâ„  University.

  • Safety incentive programs - Our programs can help you motivate and reward your employees toward higher and higher levels of working safely, by encouraging and celebrating adherence to outstanding safe-practices, and encouraging proactive steps to prevent incidents before they happen.

  • Wellness incentive programs - Employers and employees alike can benefit greatly from the improved health and wellness of employees. Our programs are designed to help you build enthusiasm, motivation, and rewards for healthy choices.

  • Employee Success and Training programs - Our Think Like a Superachieverâ„  online course is designed to help employees learn to overcome procrastination and develop powerful habits for achievement. The course takes employees through our Amazing Success Formulaâ„  and provides downloadable worksheets.

Some of our brands:


  • Superachievers® high performance programs - Designed for employee recognition and rewards, sales incentives, and employee safety - for companies and other organizations seeking to bring out the very best from every individual on their team. These absolutely outstanding state-of-the-art programs are offered with a comprehensive feature-rich online solution that makes it easier than you imagined to manage and administer a far-reaching program. Capable of handling tens of thousands of employees scattered around the world, these programs are the premier incentive choice for top organizations seeking the best in employee and sales performance. Designed to build engagement and performance, these programs include powerful recognition and rewards tools. Participants can earn points toward gifts from the amazing Superachievers® Collection of reward gifts, experiences, and travel.

  • Think Like a Superachiever℠  - Employee training course to help employees overcome procrastination and develop powerful habits for success, training employees in time management techniques that help them significantly upgrade their ability to achieve and succeed.

  • Amazing Success Formula℠  - Our unique formula for helping employees overcome procrastination and increase their success in achieving valuable goals.

  • Celebrationâ„  employee service award programs - the world's finest employee service award programs, featuring outstanding award gifts for years of service from our Celebration Collectionâ„ , ranging in price from under $50 to over $5000. This program combines the warmth of a great personal presentation with the option and convenience of online ordering and tracking of gifts. When you want the finest program and the widest set of options, you want the Celebration Program.

  • Applause!â„  on-the-spot awards - When employees do great things (even small "great" things), sometimes your managers and employee co-workers will want to recognize them for their contribution. These awards are perfect for building teamwork and goodwill by giving managers the ability to thank employees for their contribution with an eCard, a special gift, or reward points. Applause! peer-to-peer awards are a great way to build morale and teamwork by empowering employees to give meaningful recognition to each other. Employees are often in a better position than managers to see behind-the-scenes actions and attitudes that deserve to be recognized and rewarded. Our programs offer a variety of ways to make it easy for management to provide peer-to-peer awarding capability for employees.

  • Smartcentivesâ„  safety incentive programs -  We all know that employee safety is a serious issue. With today's work pressures, employees may be prone to take chances that can injure themselves or others. These injuries can be very costly to the individual's well-being, to the person's family, to their team at work, and to their employer. These programs are designed around encouraging and rewarding employees for following safety procedures and by proactively preventing accidents, thereby helping to build a safer environment.

  • RewardWellâ„  Wellness Incentive Programs - Employers who want to focus on health and wellness are invited to start one of these powerful programs. Employees can earn points for various steps they take to keep themselves healthy. This very flexible program allows you to set the goals and reward levels for not smoking, eating healthy, exercising, participating in learning activities, and demonstrating their knowledge on these topics in fun quizzes.

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