Employee Safety Programs

Our Safety Incentive Programs are designed to help you improve safety performance, and adherence to good practices and OSHA standards.  Target excellence of adherence to outstanding safe-practices, and motivate and reward your employees toward higher and higher levels of working safely.

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The perfect gift for every person.  Each employee earns points for reaching the targets you set, and redeems those points for great brand-name gifts, from a broad assortment of categories.

An upbeat approach to safety. 

  • Keep it positive. Superachievers® safety programs are designed to emphasize the positive, and help you to encourage your employees to embrace practices that prevent injuries.


  • Amazing Gift Selection.  Our selections are designed to offer gifts in a wide variety of categories, so everyone can find great gifts to match their lifestyle.


  • Easy to administer. There's power in simplicity. We'll train you and be here for you.

  • Reward proper reporting.  Employees should be encouraged and rewarded for reporting all unsafe conditions, close-calls, and injuries, to ensure that they are actively engaged in the overall safety management system. Employees should understand that the company expects full reporting of incidents, and that failure to report injuries or other incidents is never acceptable.


  • Rewarding proactive behaviors. Employees can be rewarded for participating in safety and health training, safety meetings, being on a safety committee, reporting hazardous conditions, proper maintainance of the work area, reporting safe behavior by peers, implementing injury-avoidance procedures, carrying out work area and equipment inspections, personal safety activities (such as stretching exercises), and submitting ideas for improving safety.

  • Fits your budget. You pick the options you like, and select your own price level for each level of performance.

  • One location or multiple locations around the world. Scalable recognition designed to grow with you as you grow. Start small and grow bigger. Or, start big and grow bigger.


  • Outstanding Customer Service.  We're here to help you make your program successful!


  • Make Safety part of your overall recognition program. You can combine safety with other aspects of your employee recognition in one simple program. Start with just safety and add other types of recognition later, or create a multi-level recognition program from the start. Ask about our All-in-One recognition solution.

  • We work with you to match your style and your needs.  Design your program to work the way you want it to work.

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