with a Superachievers®
safety incentive program

A powerful and upbeat approach to safety

Our Superachievers® programs are designed to help you improve safety performance and adherence to good practices and OSHA standards.  We never want to manipulate rewards by causing under-reporting of accidents, injuries, or other incidents.   Instead, we want to improve excellence of adherence to outstanding safe-practices, and motivate and reward your employees toward better and better levels of working safely.  Here are some ways a Superachievers® safety programs can work to build safety in your organization:

  • Keep it positive - Superachievers® safety programs are designed to emphasize the positive, and help you to encourage your employess to embrace practices that prevent injuries.
  • Reward proper reporting - Employees should be encouraged and rewarded for reporting all unsafe conditions, close-calls, injuries, illnesses to ensure that they are actively engaged in the overall safety management system. Employees should understand that the company expects full reporting of incidents, and that failure to report injuries or other incidents is never acceptable.
  • Rewarding proactive behaviors - Employees are rewarded for participating in safety and health training, safety meetings, being on a safety committee, reporting hazardous conditions, proper maintainance of the work area, reporting safe behavior by peers, injury-avoidance procedures, work area and equipment inspections, personal safety activities such as stretching exercises, and submitting ideas for improving safety.
  • Safety results - Recognizing safety excellence, such as zero incidents for a week or month.
  • Outstanding Customer Service - Prepare to be spoiled with great service.   We want to help you succeed, and then keep helping you succeed toward higher and higher levels of excellence.
  • The Superachievers® Program Makes You Look Good - Be the hero that makes recognition awesome in your organization.  Instead of settling for mediocre, why not build a program designed to build success, and then build on that success to higher and higher levels?
  • We're flexible and friendly - We work with you to build your program to match your needs.
  • And so much more!   Just contact us to discuss your outrageous ambitions.

Reward proactive behaviors that prevent injuries

When a worker encounters a hazardous situation and does something to correct it, your managers should be empowered to recognize the proactive action.

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Recognize special safety participation

Employees who participate in safety meetings, work on a safety committee, and those who go the extra mile to promote safety in your workplace are helping to prevent injuries. It's a great idea to recognize them for their initative toward keeping your workplace safe.  

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Catch people doing something awesome

If you're striving for zero accidents, you never want to let a moment of really exceptional performance to go unrecognized.   Your employee co-workers and managers can instantly recognize exceptional contributions to safety.

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Why wait another minute?   Contact us now, and we'll show you how our Superachievers® program can help you make a positive transformation to your organization's employee safety motivation.  You can chat with us online, schedule a demo, call us, or request more info.   We want to help you improve your safety recognition!

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