Employee Wellness
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Powerful motivation that makes wellness fun!

Healthy employees can be happier, more productive, have fewer absences, and help you build a more successful team. When you help your employees focus on greater wellness, everyone can win.  If your company wellness program could use an injection of fun and enthusiasm, here are some ways our program can make a difference:

  • Simplicity - Our RewardWellSM programs are designed to be as simple to start as possible, and a dream to manage. We help you keep rules, requirements, and other details at a minimum, to make it easy for employees to start.
  • Make it fun! - Our wellness programs are designed to focus on positive goals, and reward healthy choices with great rewards in ways that make working toward healthier living a fun adventure.
  • Keep it light - Our incentive program isn't centered around boring lectures, or scary charts and statistics. Most people already believe that smoking is harming them, or that eating certain foods can be bad for their heart, or that exercising will help them be healthier. Our wellness programs are designed to help people to do what they already believe that they should be doing.
  • Make it easy to participate - Many people struggle with changing habits. Our programs are designed to make it easy for people to start, and try to help people start succeeding at making the changes slowly. As people start feeling good about progress they've made, then we invite and encourage them to do more. Success leads to more success!
  • Everyone is different! - Some people work well with group goals, and enjoy using fellow participants to keep them on track. Other people are very private, especially about delicate health issues, and prefer to pursue wellness goals privately. A great program allows participants to select the approach that works best for them.
  • Amazing Rewards - We offer highly attractive reward collections built with exceptional brand-name gifts in a broad range of categories.  Our gift collections are designed to motivate and reward outstanding performance.
  • Budget-Friendly - Our programs are built to be efficient and cost-effective—priced to keep administrative costs at a minimum, so that your primary costs are the budget you set.
  • Outstanding Customer Service - Prepare to be spoiled with great service.   We want to help you succeed, and then keep helping you succeed toward higher and higher levels of excellence.
  • We're flexible and friendly - We work with you to build your program to match your needs.
  • And so much more!   Just contact us to discuss your outrageous ambitions.

What goals can your program pursue?

A great wellness program can motivate employees toward being smoke-free, and help them achieve and maintain a healthy weight, get regular check-ups, follow through on medical recommendations, follow a healthy diet, exercise regularly, stay fit, and more!

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Great rewards to help overcome stubborn habits

Most people may want to be healthier, eat better, and overcome bad health habits, but it can be hard for many people to make the changes that they already want to make. Our programs are designed to make it easier for people to start working on the changes they want to make, and give them some short-term rewards that help them make healthy changes.

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